Honda Used Engines

We all know that exports from Japan have shown a decline in the past year because of Tsunami in Japan and most importantly unfavorable Japanese Yen and US dollar exchange rate. Japan does not have that many good Engines and transmissions anymore because of bad economic conditions in 2011. In the beginning of 2013 we saw a ray of hope as US dollar v/s Japanese Yen exchange rate started to become more favorable. Right now Yen is getting weaker by the day making imports from Japan cheaper and more feasible. Prognosis says Yen will touch US$1=JPY100 very soon. Although right merchandise is not available in big quantity because collection is very difficult. Japan exports Japanese engines to the world and buyers in United States, Africa, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. People from these countries actually buy all the available inventories. Since collection is slow in Japan it is difficult to hard to find engines. Companies who have their office in Japan are the only ones who have the best variety. In United States there are very companies, maybe just one or two importers who have their own operations in Japan are very successful because they can get the best variety and best quality. In United States we all know Honda Used Engines are the best sellers and those who have stock of these Used Honda Motors along with Toyota Motors and some Subaru motors will be very successful. Salvage yards in USA don’t have good engines and they don’t test so their quality is lowest. Therefore we recommend people to buy only from those importers in the U.S who have their own office in Japan.

Honda Used Engines which are very scarce and most have to depend handful of importers who bring JDM Honda Motors from Japan. For more information, browse through the website or visit our business page at

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