How Can You Know If Your Home Needs a Termite Exterminator in Saugus MA?

Termites can cause great destruction by systematically destroying the wood structures in a home. They will consume wood in furniture, walls, and flooring. Unfortunately, they can do extensive damage before a homeowner even knows they are present. It is important homeowners are able to recognize the warning signs so they will know when they need a Termite Exterminator Saugus MA. An exterminator can take care of all of the termites in a home and protect it from further damage.

These warning signs can mean termites are infesting a home:

     *     If there is a hollow sound to the wood areas of a home, this can mean termites have caused damage. Termites can do damage deep within the wood without it being visible on the outside. If the wood in a home sounds hollow when tapped, this could mean the inside of the wood has been consumed.

     *     Swarmers are termites that fly during the reproductive season which can occur in spring. If a homeowner sees swarms of termites flying around or piles of shed wings, they need to seek the help of a Termite exterminator in Saugus MA.

     *     Cracks in wood and furniture are not always a sign of termites being present but they can allow them to come in. It is important homeowners seal their wood and check for damage on a regular basis to ensure the termites have no entry point.

     *     Termites expel wood-colored droppings called frass. Should homeowners begin seeing frass in their home, they need to make sure they call for a termite inspection to determine where the termites are feeding and getting into the home.

     *     Subterranean termites will build mud tubes on the sides of buildings they are inhabiting. If these tubes are found, this could mean there is an active colony present in a home or business. Click here for more details.

If any of these termite signs are present in a home or business, it is time to call a Termite Exterminator Saugus MA. Call Alamo Pest Control LLC in Saugus MA right away so they can schedule you for an inspection. They will help to ensure your home is protected from these destructive pests.

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