Important Things to Know About Dental Implant Services in New Iberia LA

Dentists have always been glad they could offer their patients the opportunity to wear dentures if those patients needed their remaining teeth extracted. This is still a service dentist provide, but they now encourage patients to replace those teeth with dental implants if possible. Nearly all patients are good candidates for these devices or can become good candidates for some behavior adjustments and additional surgery. For instance, Dental Implant Services in New Iberia LA generally are not suitable for people who smoke, as that causes gum disease and gradual jawbone deterioration. Tobacco smokers are at higher risk for implant failure. Even people who have experienced some bone loss due to osteoporosis or bad habits can typically have bone grafting done by an oral surgeon. After several months, the jawbone is strong and dense enough to support implants.

The main roadblock to implant surgery is likely to be the cost if the patient doesn’t have dental insurance. Implants are more expensive than dentures. Their significant advantages are well worth the extra cost, but not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, patients often can decide to save money for implants in the future or return for the surgery when they have insurance. In the meantime, they can wear dentures, so their abilities to eat and have a natural-looking smile are not impaired.

Dental Implant Services in New Iberia LA offer the advantage of maintaining jawbone density and strength, as the implants stimulate the bone during chewing. The bone then produces new cells to replace old cells that are used up by the body over time. That’s an important function of the natural teeth roots. People also tend to find that implants are much more secure for chewing vigorously or for taking bites from foods like apples and corn on the cob. Implants are also less of a hassle to care for since they can be brushed and flossed like normal teeth. They don’t need to be removed and soaked. Whether a patient is ready to get implants soon after teeth extraction or must wait, questions can be answered at a clinic such as Babineaux Family Dental.

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