How Dissolution of Marriage Works

Divorce rate in the United States alone has dramatically increased within the past few years. More and more married couples are skewed towards the ‘unhappily married’ label, with most of them finally deciding to untie the knot. With the elevating number of divorces in the country, one could not help but ask what went wrong with their ‘happily ever after’?

For one to answer that question, one must know first what the different types of divorces are:
1. At-fault divorce. This could be fondly called the blaming game. In this scenario, one of the two parties contends that the other party made a very grievous mistake which places the marriage in great havoc. This is one of the messiest divorce cases as anger and bitterness come into play. Some grounds for the marriage dissolution to be approved by the court are: desertion, wherein a spouse willfully leaves his or her partner, discontinuing financial obligations as well as moral and emotional support; cruelty, wherein a spouse causes severe harm, either physically or mentally to his or her partner which includes but not limited to domestic violence, and adultery, also called conjugal infidelity, wherein the husband or wife engages in a sexual relationship with someone other than his lawful partner.

2. No-fault divorce. Decades ago, a divorce will not be granted unless evidence is presented that either of the party is at fault. However, regulations became looser and now a divorce is allowed even if there is no proof that the husband or wife did something wrong. Very simple assertions such as ‘irreconcilable differences’ or ‘irretrievable break-down’ are enough.

3. Uncontested divorce. With most divorces in the United States falling in this category, it is the smoothest of all types. The typical image of quarreling over who should be blamed is not seen on this type, because both parties are able to come up with a mutual agreement with regards to equity distribution and child custody among others. This is done either with or without the help of a mediator such as a Divorce Attorney in King George. Once the court sees that the agreement is fair and just, there is an almost absolute assurance that the divorce will be granted.

There are still some other divorce types, but basically these are the most common ones. As you would notice, any of these types need a Divorce Attorney in order for the process to run smoothly and for you to have expert consultation on the inner workings of a divorce case. Hence, you must choose a competent lawyer to protect your interests as well as to give you personalized pieces of advice because no two divorce cases are completely identical.

Bear in mind that your Divorce Attorney in King George is your primary shoulder to lean on with regards to the legalities of the process. So it is only important that you do not hire just anyone, because you are investing a lot in this person — financially, emotionally, and mentally — and you do not want to waste that investment.


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