How To Avoid Losing Your Child

It has been said that getting a divorce is one of the most stressful things that anyone will ever have to go through.  It ranks right up there with death of a loved one and moving.  One of the reasons that divorce can be so stressful is that there are usually children involved.

It is very difficult for a child to go through a divorce, and many times they cannot choose which parent they would rather stay with.  This is where to courts come in; this is also the most difficult part of getting divorce.  Establishing child custody and determining where a child will live is the most heart wrenching part of being a parent and going through a divorce.

You cannot go through this alone.  You need to find a child custody Long Island NY that will take care of every part of your child custody process.  From establishing paternity to investigating both parents lives to getting the best visitation plan for both parents, you have to find a agency that is experienced in child custody law.

Among other things, child support will also need to be evaluated and put in place.  The main objective of a child custody professional is to make sure that your child or children get the best possible arrangement in a negative situation.  During divorce, emotions run high and people tend to be irrational, even putting children against one parent.  Having a neutral party not only ensures the safety and well being of the children involved, but also keeps both parents in line.

They will also help determine legal and physical custody.  Legal custody is which parent makes decisions about the child’s schooling, health needs, travel, or where that child will live.  Physical custody is not only where the child will live, but with which parent.  It also includes visitation.  A plan will be put in place for the other parent to see the child on a regular basis, if this is the healthiest scenario for the child.

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