How To Choose A Coffee Shop In Houston

Most people don’t stop to think about their coffee shop in Houston, but it can be crucial when choosing the most delicious brand and options. While the beverage itself is important, you also want to consider the atmosphere, friendliness of the staff and many more aspects to fully enjoy your cup of Joe and your experience. Otherwise, you may dislike heading out each morning.

Drink Options

Beverage options are highly important when considering a new shop. Most people don’t want to have the same thing every day, so you want to think about specialty and regular coffees, smoothies, sodas, iced tea, hot tea and other delicious beverages. This way, you’ll always have something available to fit your needs and desires.

This also allows you to bring non-coffee drinkers to your new place and visit with them. Espresso drinks are also very popular, as well as iced coffees and refreshers.


No shop in Houston would be perfect without delectable food options. While most people only think about the beverage situation, you also want to consider the specials they offer and whether they offer meals or not. Most shops include pastries and sweets, which can be nice to have with a hot cup of liquid, but you should also consider those places that include Paninis, soup, salad, waffles and crepes. You may also want to look for places that serve ice cream or sorbet for those hot summer days.


When you visit the place, you’ll want to consider the atmosphere. Is it extremely busy and loud when you arrive? Are there plenty of places to sit and enjoy yourself? Most people neglect this aspect until they get there to enjoy a leisurely beverage and find that there are no seats available to accommodate them.

You also want something that is friendly and inviting, so that you feel welcome and comfortable while you’re enjoying yourself.


Another thing to consider is the staff you’ll have to deal with. You want people that are friendly and knowledgeable. When you step up to the counter to order, they should smile and be helpful. Consider asking them about the difference between drinks to ensure they know what they’re talking about and see how they react to your question. Otherwise, you may find yourself not wanting to go.

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