A New Take on Going Green with An Earth Friendly Funeral in Butler County OH

Earth-friendly funerals are not new or original practices. Earth-friendly or green funerals have been practiced for thousands of years by many cultures. Earth-friendly burials simply mean that the body is not embalmed and is buried in a biodegradable casket or urn. Earth-friendly burials are also referred to as natural or eco-burials. Natural burials lay the body to rest with minimal impact on the earth.

Every year in the United States, enough metal and concrete is used in burials to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge. It is estimated that more than one million gallons of formaldehyde (embalming fluids) are buried in embalmed bodies each year in the United States. Embalming is a common practice in both Canada and the United States, although it is not required by law. The sole purpose of embalming is to preserve the body long enough for viewing. However, direct or immediate burial is required to be offered by all funeral homes in the United States.

More people today are choosing Earth Friendly Funeral in Butler County OH than ever before. The traditional methods of embalming, metal caskets, and concrete vaults or liners are not used in green burials. Biodegradable caskets are made of wicker, jute, wood or cardboard. The body may be wrapped in a cotton or silk shroud. An otherwise drab casket can be painted with an environmentally-friendly limestone wash. Green funerals aim to provide an economical form of burial that also allows a body to return to earth in a natural manner. Earth-friendly funerals are considerably less expensive than conventional funerals.

Earth-friendly burials take place in traditional cemeteries as well as dedicated green cemeteries and preserves. Graves are dug by hand and concrete vaults or liners are not used. The idea of burial preserves and woodland burials originated in the United Kingdom. These areas are maintained as natural forests or prairies and are not mowed or chemically treated with herbicides. Trees or wildflowers are often planted on the grave site and simple, unobtrusive grave markers are generally used.

When you’re seeking a provider for Earth Friendly Funeral in Butler County OH, consider Ivey-rosehill.com for your loved ones funeral service. With more than 20 years of experience, they offer alternative green funeral plans. Families may choose either green burials or cremations. Biodegradable urns made from salt, clay or paper are available for cremation remains. You can also visit them on Pinterest for more information.

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