What Is Business Litigation And How Can An Attorney Help?

Answering the first part of the question is not difficult. Business litigation is a legal specialty that relates to the resolution or defense of a business dispute between a company and any other entity be it another company or an individual.

Although this brief definition may be true in the real world of business it can sponsor a number of different answers as a company or business can find itself involved in a plethora of cases and disputes. Because there are so many possible cases than comfortably fall into this category they can easily inhibit the management of the company, causing it to lose focus and to achieve the goals which have been set out. Because of this the importance of handling these legal disputes, handling them quickly and efficiently is most often left to a business litigation lawyer in Chicago that has the skills needed to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

An executive that is responsible for the running of a company knows that legal disputes can come out of anywhere, from anybody and at any time. It makes no difference how large or how small the company is or where it is located. People that you see as valued clients, suppliers or even competitors can quickly turn and become an adversary in a legal dispute.

Although every business dispute is different there are common circumstances that a business litigation attorney in Chicago will resolve through litigation, let’s look at a couple of examples.

Investments and finance:

Everyone is rightfully concerned about their investments. If the owner of a portfolio has reason to believe that the broker has acted unethically then the owner has every right to pursue litigation against the broker that failed to act in their best interest. If the investor suffers a significant loss as a result of such unethical behavior such as pushing an inappropriate investment on his or her client or fails to fully divulge the risks this can be considered fraud as it is a deceptive act.

Breach of fiduciary duty:

This is an act that can severely strain the relationship between business partners or shareholders in a company that is closely held. Should one partner act in a way which can be seen as a violation of his obligation to operate the business in good faith then the other partners can engage the services of a business litigation attorney in Chicago in an effort to recover.

There are many ways for a business dispute to occur and it is preferable to settle the problem with resorting to business litigation but in cases where this is not possible then a seasoned business litigation attorney will be an invaluable asset when your interest is protecting the interests of yourself and your business.

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