How to Conduct Successful Dove Hunting Texas

In Texas, dove hunting is a common entertainment activity. Texas is endowed with large open fields that attract mature, migrating doves during certain seasons of the year. The place is indeed a haven for adventure-lovers. There is no better way to enjoy a weekend with old friends than going for a dove hunting Texas spree. Both male and female hunters are welcome in most hunting spots.

Large fields of sunflower and sorghum attract vast numbers of doves. Usually, the doves migrate from Kansas and Oklahoma to Texas. This is the best time for dove hunters to indulge in hunting. The hunters have the delight of seeing and pursuing the birds in their natural habitat. Some fields in Texas are strictly designated for dove hunting and have structured hunting hours.

For successful dove hunting Texas, you have to be very familiar with the field where the hunting is being conducted. You cannot simply bump into a field and start shooting the doves. It is advisable to arrive at least one hour before the hunting begins. Take time to explore the fields and identify the strategic hunting points.  It is worth noting the direction the birds are coming from. Choose a strategic position usually close to the birds’ entry point for better shooting.  

Actually dove hunting is not as easy as it may seem. It is especially hard to shoot the birds as they fly. Worse still, it may be very hard for you to shoot the birds if the sun is shining directly on your face. This is the reason why many dove hunters prefer shooting the birds early in the morning to evade the scorching sun. It is wise to position yourself in a shaded spot to avoid being distracted by the sun rays. You could also use sunglasses as these can shield you from very bright sun rays.

The doves may rest at one time or the other. Find their main resting places and try to shoot them as they rest. For instance, the main resting places for the birds may include trees stumps and branches. The birds may also be spotted resting near watering holes and dams. It is much easier to shoot the birds as they rest than when they are flying.

When indulging in dove hunting, it is imperative to avoid distracting the doves. Be still as possible to avoid scaring the birds away. The doves can detect even small movements and this might only scare them away. You need not wear very bright clothes as these may also distract the birds.

Individuals who may have participated in dove hunting Texas are aware that it is imperative to camouflage. Ensure that the clothing you wear blends very well with the environment. This will prevent you from being very conspicuous.

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