How To Find The Right False Claims Act Attorney in Chicago

If you know of a violation of the False Claims Act, you are going to need a False Claims Act attorney in Chicago. Finding this type of attorney takes more than opening the Yellow Pages or consulting the Internet for the first attorney you find. There are various qualifications you need your attorney to possess for your case to be successful.

What Is a False Claims Act?

A person who files a claim based on the False Claims Act is essentially filing a claim against a company that is committing fraud against the United States government. You are acting on the part of the government as a whistleblower, or person who is pointing his finger at the wrongdoing a company is doing against the government. Because being the whistleblower can be a risky position to be in, you need to find a qualified attorney to protect your interests in the case.

Attorney with Experience

When you are placed with an attorney, make sure the one assigned to your case has plenty of experience with false claims. This is especially important if you are dealing with a large law firm that has many lawyers. Even if you did your homework and found a law firm that specializes in false claims, it does not mean every lawyer is equally experienced in this area. Ask your lawyer how experienced he is and what his track record is regarding this type of situation to determine if you are comfortable with his services.

Representing the Right Side

When you find a False Claims Act attorney in Chicago, one of the first things you should determine is if he has ever practiced any cases for the whistleblower. Many firms take on False Claims Act cases but have represented the company being accused, not the whistleblower. It is a whole different aspect of the case to represent the whistleblower, which is why it is essential to make sure you are properly represented.

Filing a False Claims Act case can be a beneficial case for you if the case is handled correctly. Taking the time to find a qualified False Claims Act attorney in Chicago who has plenty of experience and has represented whistleblowers, not the companies being charged with fraud, will offer you the most success. You are in charge when it comes to choosing the right attorney, which allows you to ask the appropriate questions before securing a lawyer for your case. For more information, visit Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C. online.

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