How to Make an AC Installation in Del Mar Go Smoothly

During AC Installation in Del Mar, there are ways to improve the unit’s performance from the beginning. Taking care of the home’s AC unit will reduce the need for costly repairs and keep the owner’s utility bills manageable. With these strategies, homeowners can make the installation process run smoothly.

Consider Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Maintaining a new AC unit starts with effective in-home temperature management. Programmable thermostats give users control over the details of home comfort, and they can even extend the lifespan of a unit. For instance, many modern thermostats adjust themselves according to the outdoor temperature so the unit doesn’t work harder than it has to. Programmable thermostats can make the home more inefficient as well; users can program a higher temperature when they’re at work, so they’re not cooling an empty home.

Keep the Filter Clean

Homeowners can replace disposable air filters every month, or they can install washable filters that can be reused. Either way, it’s important to inspect the filter once a month to ensure that it’s not full of debris, dust, and dirt. If the household is large or it includes pets, the owner may need to change the filter more often.

Leave Interior Doors Open

Doors inside the home should be kept open as much as possible to encourage airflow. When doors or HVAC vents are closed, the new unit will struggle to keep the home at the correct temperature. Furthermore, the owner may notice temperature differences between rooms, so they may feel compelled to adjust the thermostat to make the home more comfortable.

Keep Landscaping Neat

Branches, leaves, and other debris can reduce the new unit’s functionality, particularly during the spring and fall. Homeowners should mow their lawns and trim hedges regularly, and clean the area around the unit as well. Leave a couple of feet of space on all sides of the unit to encourage free airflow.

Call Today for Installation, Maintenance, or Repair

Maintaining a new AC Installation in Del Mar ensures that it will serve the homeowner well for many years. For additional protection, consider signing up for a maintenance plan by calling AC Sure Plan today. Like us on Facebook.

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