Using Pre Filled Sand Bags When Flooding Is Imminent

When someone lives in an area prone to potential hurricanes, being prepared for an impending disaster is likely to be on the mind of homeowners in the area. There are several precautionary steps that can be taken to ensure a home is well-protected against potential flooding if a hurricane’s waters make its way to property. Here are some tips to consider.

Keep Pieces Of Plywood Available For Fast Use

Going to a hardware or home goods store to purchase pieces of plywood for each window along the bottom floor of a home can be a great investment. These pieces can be nailed over glass panes, helping to keep them intact if winds become harsh. If the inhabitants of a home need to vacate their property, they can add these pieces to the exterior of windows before leaving to help in keeping their structure from becoming damaged or looted in their absence.

Invest In Bags Of Sand For Barrier Protection

It is wise to have a supply of Pre Filled Sand Bags on hand to use if water is likely to get too close to a structure. These bags can be positioned around the perimeter of a home, along the foundation to aid in keeping water from making its way to the interior. These Pre Filled Sand Bags can be stored in a garage, basement, or shed until they are needed. This way they will only require being moved to the best areas around a property to help in keeping water from getting too close to the house.

Keep A Bag Packed With Necessities

If the likelihood of a hurricane hitting a specific area is forecast, leaving home is best. It is important to have a bag with important information, extra clothing, and food and water packed and ready if evacuations are needed. This bag will provide family members with comfort and convenience at a time filled with uncertainty.

Keep Valuables Off The Bottom Floor

In a hurricane-prone area, keeping valuable items out of the path of flood water will be necessary to protect them. Consider moving items of value to upper floors in a home, away from windows so they are less likely to become damaged should water make its way inside of the home.

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