How to Save Money on Office Supplies in Oahu

In the current economy, saving money is vital for any business. Office supplies are one area where businesses can save if evaluating a company’s needs is done correctly. Compared to office equipment and furniture, office supplies may seem like a minor expense. While major purchases such as furniture and equipment tend to be a one-time purchase, offices supplies are used every day and must be replenished regularly. Failure to manage and control your office supply expenses can easily obliterate a well-structured budget. Here are three valuable tips on how business owners can control how much they spend on office supplies in Oahu.

Tip 1: Buy in Bulk

Most office supplies can be bought in bulk. For example, rather than purchasing paper in 100 sheet packs, consider buying a case of 1000 sheets. Develop a list of items used the most, and try ordering these in large quantities. Bulk orders provide huge discounts, and a business can benefit from reduced priced and shipping costs. Some of the commonly used supplies in any office include pens and pencils, paper, staplers, tapes, paper clips, file folders, printer cartridges, and rubber bands. As a bonus tip, when buying in large quantities, consider buying generic.

Tip 2: Be a Loyal and Smart Customer

Businesses love loyalty, and they reward it well. Most major suppliers offer a discount when signing up for their rewards programs, and it’s free to join. More importantly, use coupons. Coupons are not just for groceries. Some big office supply companies put coupons on their websites or local newspapers, and these can help you save a considerable amount of money.

Tip 3: Track Your Monthly Expenses

One reason why companies spend so much on office supplies is that there’s no one tracking how much money is actually being spent. By paying close attention to all office supply expenses, businesses can easily identify areas of overspending as well as areas where supplies might be getting wasted.

With a good understanding of the above tips, small businesses can start saving a lot of money on their office supplies. For more information on how to purchase quality and affordable office supplies in Oahu, visit us today.

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