Improving Your Chances For Social Security Disability Approval

There are a number of things that can be done to enhance the chances of your application being approved. One of the best things that an applicant can do is engage the services of a Social Security lawyer in Birmingham. Many applicants wait until they are advised that their application was denied before making this decision but having legal guidance from the beginning can be of significant help.

When you are preparing your application list all of the medical problems that you have and are suffering from; it makes little difference if they are severe or not nor does it matter when the problem began, list them all. It is often easy to forget a medical limitation that you have been suffering from for a very long time, you simply learn how to accommodate it and live with it. In many cases a new problem, combined with an existing problem can result in being approved for benefits.

As you prepare the application and eventually talk with a Social Security representative be very realistic about what you cannot do, equally as important is what you can do; avoid exaggeration. When you are with your doctor don’t tell him or her that you feel fine when you don’t. If you are receiving treatments from another doctor, make sure your lead doctor knows about it. Always follow the advice of your doctor, make sure you show up for all your appointments and have your prescriptions filled on a timely basis.

During the process you can expect requests for more information from the administration, when this happens; be prompt in your response. If there is going to be a delay ensure that the examiner knows this and that you are working on getting the answers. Only answer the question that you are being asked, if the administration wants you to see one of their doctor’s make sure you are cooperative.

In many cases the administration will want additional details from your doctor. The Social Security lawyer in Birmingham that you are working with can be very helpful here as he or she can see that your doctor provides a full and comprehensive report.

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