Increasing Membership and Church Attendance

So many options are available for people to benefit from the teachings of the Bible but it seems that the number of churchgoers has been gradually declining. Families no longer go to mass or church services together since most are busy on some activity or another. As a consequence, children no longer grow imbibing the importance of religion into their lives. It is for these reasons why churches like Church Rancho Bernardo have made it a point to undertake several programs to encourage church attendance.

Positive impact of church events

Targeting new people to go to church is usually done by planning events to arouse the interest of the youth. Churches specifically target the youth to save them from the evils of society that is currently a common problem among communities. If the youth are involved into more religious activities there is lesser risk for them to be tempted to try drug and alcohol addiction. Being active with church activities has a positive impact on kids since it instills into their minds the importance of faith in God and the teachings of the Jesus Christ to guide them into adult life.

Churches like Church Rancho Bernardo provide the support and guidance to kids to make them feel the positive impact of healthy friendships within the church. They enjoy a safe community within the church to teach them about the values of faith to guide them during life’s trials and difficulties. They learn how to be optimistic making them less prone to stress and depression. They have the support composed of adult models who serve as examples of responsibility and courage.

Church music and the youth

One aspect of church that is attractive to the youth is music. Many singers today that have reached success and popularity have started as choir singers or soloists during church services. Singing is not only relaxing but uplifting and this is one particular portion of the church services that many look forward to. Children who have the gift of singing voice are molded and trained to become the talents today. Their exposure to church music and religious activities makes them a better member of society since they carry into adulthood the morals and values they learned early in life.

Church fairs to encourage community participation

Churches usually organize fairs to increase community involvement in the church. Not only do these fairs generate earnings for the participants but it improves community relationship and friendships. The community is encouraged to participate with their own products which usually range from home baked goodies to handcrafted stuff. Booths are erected in the church grounds with activities planned for children and adults. From these fairs, the community is encouraged to show case their talents in cooking and crafting which may eventually lead to job opportunities.

Creating an interactive website is also one way of increasing churchgoers because it allows them to be updated with the plans and activities of the church for their active involvement. Using present technology like the internet has increased curiosity among people that encourages them to attend services.

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