Is Your Site A Vanity Site Or A Business Site

Many businesses who are considering web design in Uganda don’t always ask themselves exactly how they expect their customers to use their sites.  Many business owners look at their websites as a place for them to sell rather than a place for their customers to buy.  In a sense, the distinction is very small, but the perspective is very important.

The first piece of advice for any business owner is to ask themselves the hard question: are they publishing this website to show they can publish an excellent website or are they seeking to increase their revenues?  The honest answer to this question almost always yields the results that the business owner should seek a firm for professional web design in Uganda, rather than creating the website himself.

There are several reasons to seriously consider professional website design.  First is the artistic quality of the website itself.  This not only refers to the pictures that may be displayed but the actual layout: the position of pictures and text, the color and size of the font, and other design elements.  The first step is to tell yourself that the website will represent you and give a very strong first impression.  It’s important that the impression be an accurate one.  Although you can certainly higher a high school student to put up some pretty pictures ask yourself, would you let this same student design the look of your store?  Would you let him choose your clothing for an important business function?  If the answer is no, then for the same reasons, keep him and other amateurs far away from your web design in Uganda.  Now for the $1000 question: are you considering personally doing the website?  Then here is another hard but important question: are people flocking to your home to view your artwork?  If not, then they will probably give the cold shoulder to your website as well.  This can be a hard fact to accept, but essential if you are designing the website to make money.

Another reason is that they website should be designed with internet marketing in mind.  This is a specialized discipline, and is never done well by amateurs.  To test your knowledge, here is a question: what is the first rule of internet marketing?  If you quickly answered “place a Buy button on every page” then you really are good.  Otherwise, the answer to this question as well as dozens of others is best left for professional web design in Uganda.

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