Know the Facts about Medical Cannabis, Find out More in Northbrook

Medical cannabis is now widely approved for distribution and use throughout the country. It is now available in DC and 28 states, one of which is Illinois.

What Is Known about Cannabis

Cannabis, or marijuana, is derived from a plant, Cannabis Sativa. It contains numerous chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. When cannabis is ingested or inhaled, these compounds affect specific receptors in the brain and nerves. These receptors are those that cause pain and discomfort. Medical cannabis slows the pain impulses and relieves discomfort. Of the over 80 compounds found in cannabis, the most prevalent are THC and cannabidiol.

Research in Northbrook has been ongoing for some time. Initial findings seem to suggest that medical cannabis helps with certain age-related ailments including chronic pain, nausea and the effects of chemotherapy and more.

Different Ways to Use Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis can be ingested like food, smoked, vaporized, or taken in capsule form. In many instances, the patient’s physician will prescribe a specific treatment that he or she feels is the best option. The dosage that is prescribed varies depending on the need. For vomiting, for example, a physician will often recommend that 2 or 3 mg of cannabis be taken two or three times a day.

Medical cannabis has a very big advantage over traditional medications. It can be taken in many different ways. The same cannot be said for prescription drugs. For the effect to be felt quickly, smoking is recommended. However, it has health risks associated with similar to those of smoking tobacco. The preferred method of administration is via capsules, inhalation of the vapors and consuming it in food or tea.

Although cannabis is mind-altering, medical cannabis does not have a lasting effect on one’s cognitive function. In fact, time management and attention span may actually improve.

Medical cannabis has potential benefits for people suffering from various health issues. To purchase it, visit Greenhouse in Northbrook. For more information and dispensary location, visit

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