When You Need a Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Antioch, TN

If you sewer is clogged, you will know it, much to your dismay. It is better to fix the line before you experience a backflow problem or a messy flood in your home. To ensure that all of your drains are clear and avoid any sluggishness, you need to have an inspection performed once or twice a year.

Scheduling a Video Inspection

The number of times you schedule a sewer line camera inspection in Antioch, TN will depend on how much you use you plumbing. For example, if you operate a business where you have grease traps and run things through the drain on a regular basis, you may need to have a video inspection made as often as three times annually. Doing so will prevent any problems with downtime.

On the other hand, a sewer line camera inspection at your home may be conducted annually. If you have a growing family or your family is larger, you may need to schedule the inspection twice a year. As you can see, an inspection can go a long way in keeping your overall plumbing costs down. Not only will you avoid problems with drain or pipe flow but you can avert a major catastrophe.

How a Video Inspection Is Made

When a sewer line camera inspection is ordered, the plumber inserts a camera through the drain so he or she can look at the nature of a pipe on a display screen. The plumber can check for an obstruction such as a tree root or find out if a buildup is preventing the free flow of water. With this type of technology, he or she can also perform a trenchless pipe repair.

When updated equipment is used to inspect drains and pipes, it reduces the total labor cost. That is why it is beneficial to use the services of a company that offers the latest in plumbing technologies. An example of one of these companies is Holt Plumbing Company LLC. If you want to schedule an examination and assessment of your pipes, sewer lines, and drains, this is a good place to start.

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