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Technology has touched just about every industry. New surgeries and techniques are being developed each year. One of these developments is the field of LASIK surgery. This is a technique in which a patient has their vision corrected with a laser assisted device. This means no more contact lenses or glasses needed. Many people find this to be not only a great alternative, but a permanent solution. Once an individual goes through a LASIK procedure they will not have to repeat it. If you are interested in alternative vision correction, contact an eye doctor in Murrieta for more details.

About Laser Procedures
Laser eye surgery was first developed several decades ago. There are several stages to the procedure. The first is pre-operative, then the operation itself, followed by post operative. Many patients are surprised to learn the surgery is performed while they are still awake. However, a mild sedative along with anesthetic eye drops are typically used. The surgeon will carefully examine the eyes with particular attention to the cornea.

Precision Laser Technology
A special laser completely remodels the affected area. It will vaporize unnecessary corneal tissue and offers extreme precision and control. This control mechanism is vital to ensure adjacent regions are not damaged or affected throughout the process. Layers of tissue removed usually are micrometers thick. If you have thought about laser eye vision correction, an eye doctor in Murrieta can refer you to an appropriate surgeon.

No Side Effects
After the cornea is reshaped by tissue removal, the surgeon will place a flap over the affected area. This will remain in place and protects the eye until all tissue is healed. A major advantage of laser surgery apart from effective vision correction is quick recovery time. Additionally, patients generally find there is very little or no pain involved. This means that after an appropriate healing period they can resume a normal lifestyle with no aftereffects.

Increasing Consumer Demand
Laser eye surgery has come a long way in terms of advancements and accessibility in the last few decades. More and more surgeons are realizing the monetary opportunities due to rising demand and lowered costs. Therefore, many vision correction surgeons are being trained in this area of practice. In fact, LASIK procedures cost half as much as they did just several years ago. Talk to an eye doctor in Murrieta about this exciting alternative to improve eyesight.

Regular Eye Examinations
Good eyesight is something everyone takes for granted. However, the onset of blurriness or decreased vision can emerge rapidly. It’s important to have your eyes checked at least once per year, particularly for people nearing or at middle-age. A little preventative eye care maintenance today can help eliminate many serious future vision problems.

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