What You Need to Know About Movers and Packers in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a new city compared to its cosmopolitan counterparts in India. Like any other developing city, it sees a lot of to and fro movement as thousands of people either migrate to or leave Bangalore every day. And not everybody takes care of the moving bit all by himself/herself. This has led to a number of moving companies mushrooming in the city to meet the demands of people on-the-go. Movers and packers in Bangalore are also doing brisk business thanks to increased inter-state mobility which is a direct outcome of MNCs setting up base in India. These new corporates believe in flexibility, not only in the way how they work but also where they work. A professional is expected to be open to relocations and thus the spurt in growth of moving agencies.

If you intend on moving, and have decided to pass on the stressful ordeal to any of the well-known movers and packers in Bangalore, read through the following checklist before you take out your wallet.

 * The first step is to decide on the things you want to ship and those you want to sell or just give away.

 * Then, consider whether you want the mover to pack your things as well as other additional services you may require like loading and unloading.

 * Get in touch with the moving companies you are considering for the job: call or email them and ask for an estimate. Arrange for a meeting with the concerned personnel and have them survey your home and other belongings. Insist on a written estimate as quotes given over the phone are far from binding.

 * If possible, inform your moving company about unusual situations on both ends and make the representative aware of parking problems, street accessibility problems, delivery time restrictions or whether there are stairs or elevators which he may have to encounter. These factors can increase your cost of moving considerably. Try to book a parking space in advance if your new home is on a busy street. If you can, try and carry the lighter things by yourself.

 * Ask questions – hidden costs, extra charges for climbing an additional flight of stairs, estimated delivery time, who will notify you when your shipment arrives, mode of payment, whether the mover will disassemble and then reassemble everything, insurance, how to make a claim in case of damage-in-transit, what is the process – the more you ask, the better your understanding about the final cost.

 * If any of your preferred movers and packers in Bangalore is unable to or refrains from answering your queries, move on to the next option.

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