Learning About Weekly Trash Pickup With a Private Waste Management Company in Annapolis MD

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a municipal waste disposal service coming around every week and picking up the trash and recyclable materials. Some of those that do have the option to use this service must pay a fee for it. These individuals may decide to hire a Waste Management Company in Annapolis MD instead. They know they can count on this service to pick up the garbage and recyclables as scheduled, and they don’t have to make a trip to a township disposal facility. They might save money on municipal fees as well.

An organization like Bay Area Disposal is appealing to many residents because the company doesn’t require anyone to separate the recyclable items by type. Instead, a large container is provided in which customers can put all acceptable items, such as aluminum, tin and steel cans, newspapers and other paper, and glass containers. It’s convenient and less time-consuming than having to keep everything separated. This encourages people to at least separate recyclable materials from trash, as many individuals still don’t bother. Even if someone doesn’t mind driving to a disposal facility every week or two, this person still winds up spending extra time walking from dumpster to dumpster, putting in the specific materials allowed in each receptacle.

Customers can expect there to be some instructions to follow regarding recyclable items; those instructions vary by company. Some organizations want labels removed from cans, for example. This is usually a very easy task. Some ask that customers rinse the glass and plastic containers and wash out cans, so they don’t have food stuck to the sides. These tasks are intended to get the materials into as usable condition as possible before they go to the facility.

The residential pickup schedule with a Waste Management Company in Annapolis MD is just as straightforward as a municipal one. The customers receive a list of holidays they can post on the refrigerator or add to a calendar, and the information is generally posted on the official website as well. Residents can expect no pickup to be done on major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Independence Day. Garbage and recyclable material pickup will be done the next day.

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