Providing Tree Care in Mount Laurel NJ When Transplanting A Sapling

If someone wishes to move a sapling from one area of their yard to another, it will be important to provide tree care in Mount Laurel NJ, so it continues to grow without incident. Moving a tree from its present location can be risky if steps are not taken to ensure it is protected during this time. Here are some steps one can take when moving a sapling from one area of their property to another.

Trees should not be moved during summertime months as they will most likely go into shock from the change in conditions. It is best to move a tree when it is completely dormant. This would be before it has started budding in the spring.

The area where the tree will be placed needs to be prepared in advance. Make sure it is in a location away from other trees, so it does not need to fight for water after it is planted. It should also be in a soil similar to where it is located at the present. The soil can be tested to see if the pH level and nutrients are the same if desired.

Dig a hole in the new location and fill it with water. If the temperature is going to dip below freezing, cover the hole with a tarp to keep the water from becoming a block of ice. When it becomes time to move the tree, the tarp can be removed, so it is easy to insert the roots into the hole.

The sapling should be dug from its current location with a shovel. Break up any larger roots with axes. Place it in the hole and replace the soil around the perimeter of the tree. Mulch can be added around the circumference of the tree to help the ground retain moisture as well.

If someone needs some help in providing tree care in Mount Laurel NJ, they can contact a reputable landscaper in their area. Take a look at a website like for more information on tree care and give them a call to schedule service in helping to transplant a tree if desired.

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