Learning To Avoid Diabetes Complications In Sayville, New York

Diabetes is a nasty disease with severe complications including problems with the feet. Fortunately, diabetes education has taught people to use precautions. For example, diabetics should not cut their own toe nails. Regular visits to a podiatrist are recommended.

Diabetics have poor circulation, which makes it harder for cuts and infections to heal. Any type of foot problem can lead to Diabetes Complications in Sayville NY. Podiatrists have specific recommendations for diabetics. If a corn develops, they should not try to cut it, or use over the counter remedies. If someone wears ill-fitting shoes, it can lead to Diabetes Complications in Sayville, NY. Continuous rubbing of the toes, against a shoe forms blisters. If a blister gets infected, it may be difficult to heal. Diabetics should also keep their feet moisturized. Dry, cracked skin allows germs to enter, which can be another source of infection.

Any type of problem, like ingrown nails and hammertoes, should be treated by the podiatrist. Severe problems with ingrown nails may require surgery. A hammertoe is bent because of a weak muscle. They hinder walking and may lead to Diabetes Complications in Sayville, NY. Foot ulcers can be troubling for a diabetic. Ulcers are breaks in the skin or a deep sore, which becomes infected. Ulcers usually happen because of minor scrapes, cuts that heal slowly and ill-fitting shoes. Individuals should not try to tend the wound without consulting the podiatrist. Sayville Foot Care treats Diabetes complications in Sayville, NY and the surrounding area.

To avoid foot problems, podiatrists recommend keeping diabetes under control. Follow the doctor’s advice regarding nutrition, exercise and medication. Feet should be washed in warm water every day with a mild soap. Check the feet daily for sores, blisters, redness, calluses, or anything out of the ordinary. Smooth down corns and calluses with an emery board. This should be done when people get out of the shower because the skin is softer. Always wear socks or stockings and shoes that fit well. Diabetics should not smoke because smoking affects blood flow. It is recommended that diabetics prop their feet up when sitting. The best advice is to see the podiatrist every two to three months.

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