Let Kindness bring you closer to God

It is important for us to learn as soon in our lives as possible that we are the tool that brings us closer to God. Our hearts show God everyday what we have learned and when we are kind we show God that we are an A student.

How Kindness Works for You

It is not hard to see that many people in the world seem to live in a constant frenzy worried that others have more than them. You see it in traffic jams, grocery store lines and fights over parking spaces. You see it in co-workers, fellow students and even sadly in our friends. When kindness is not in someone’s heart they cannot be close to God. Every act of kindness you perform with a truly selfless heart shows God you understand his word and what he wants from us. Kindness cannot be given begrudgingly. Kindness is a true desire to help. And you can help through everyday acts that show the world you are kind and well meaning. You can gesture to a frustrated driver to come over into your lane. You can offer that coveted parking space to the other car. You can even ask someone behind you in the grocery line if they would like to go ahead. Why? Because it is selfless and loving and makes them happier and in turn will make you smile. Give it a try and see how it feels.

Wanting to Help

Remember that God can see into your heart. He will know if you sincerely want to help others or if you are doing it in the hopes to receive something in return. These are selfless acts with no expectation of anything in return. Not even the hope of becoming closer to God. Your only purpose in being kind is to be helpful and bring happiness to others. Learning this important message is what will bring you closer to God. It is how Jesus led his life and how God would like you to lead yours. You can enhance your faith and learn more about God’s wishes with Free Prayer Requests Online to help you find strength when you need it and ask for God’s assistance to help strengthen your faith and kindness.

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