Lower Back Pain, Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain Can Be Treated Without Medication

If you suffer from chronic pain or a sports injury, you can improve your pain level through massage treatment and chiropractic care.  Massage therapy is used for more than relaxation and can be medically beneficial to your healing process.  Proper alignment of your spine and nervous system can also help to relieve painful muscles throughout your body by a chiropractor.

Receiving a Massage in Plainfield IL can alleviate inflammation in your muscles which is causing the pain.  If your muscles become damaged due to injury or contract due to a medical condition, they can compress the nerves.  When you muscles contract, toxins build up in your muscles and the compressed nerves can become irritated.  It can cause pain and numbness.  Contracted muscles can also cause your organs to not as effectively as they should.

Massages are a great part of a physical therapy plan.  They can be used to treat sports injuries, muscle cramps, migraines and edema.  A massage therapist can help cleanse your lymph node system.  If you’re an athlete or have a lot of physical activity, a massage therapist can give you a specialized massage.  These special massages assist in preventing injuries and can help speed up recovery for injured muscles.

If you suffer from chronic pain massage therapy can help with the release of serotonin.  Serotonin is produced naturally in your body as an anti-pain chemical.  Massage can help such conditions as arthritis, migraines and fibromyalgia.  The pain, stiffness and lack of flexibility can be improved dramatically without the use of pills.  Massage can also help at increasing a deeper sleep.  When you receive a better night’s sleep, your muscles get more circulation and oxygen.  Massage is helpful in lowering anxiety and improving your mood.

Massage can be an important tool in helping to control your pain and relaxing you mind and body.  When you take pain medication, it only masks the pain.  Massage therapy can utilize your body’s natural healing to decrease your pain and increase your recovery time.  Before taking any other medication for pain, muscle spasms or limited mobility, try the more natural healing process of massage.

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