Making your Weekend Getaway in Texas the Right One

Some states are blessed with an abundance of vacation opportunities. This is certainly the case for Texas, in part because of the sheer size of our great state, but also because of its combination of vibrant and interesting cities and untouched natural beauty. There is an abundance of locations for weekend getaways in Texas. The hard part can still be satisfying everyone, especially if you’re travelling as a family, as part of the family might want to take an outdoor adventure, rent kayaks for a day, and explore a river while others would rather spend the day shopping or watching shows. Normally, it can be hard to find places that can satisfy a large family. Thankfully, there are options. If you’re in the Houston, Dallas, or Austin areas, you might want to look into The Woodlands the next time you’re searching for amazing weekend getaways in Texas.

One the biggest strengths of The Woodlands is its location and its amenities. About 30 miles north of Houston, The Woodlands is within a three-hour drive of Dallas and Austin, as well. The Woodlands also provides enough options and amenities to keep a family with diverse tastes entertained. The glory of a short weekend getaways in Texas is that they can be an affordable way to recharge your batteries. With only a three-hour drive, you have the option of leaving Friday and spending two nights, or even leaving Saturday morning and spending one night at one of the many hotels available in The Woodlands.

If you want to spend the day kayaking, The Woodlands has kayak rental services at reasonable prices. What about shopping? You have almost too many options; you can shop in a mall or on Open Street. If you’re just the type who likes to go freeform and wander, the location is gorgeous and you can walk along the waterfront. Sometimes, weekend getaways in Texas aren’t about the whole family; sometimes they’re for a couple to get time alone or do something special. The Woodlands offers numerous choices for couples to spend time together. If both parties enjoy the aforementioned kayaking, rent a two-seater. The Woodlands also offers many shows and planned events to take in together, as well as many restaurants for a night out together. That’s what makes The Woodlands one of the premier weekend getaways in Texas; it provides enough options and freedom for any type of vacation you want, and with so many choices, you can return for multiple trips and always enjoy something new.

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