Managing Medical Malpractice And Wrongful Death Cases With A Onglyza Heart Failure Lawyer

Medical malpractice and wrongful death cases are probable when a drug manufacturer doesn’t disclose all risks of a certain medication. According to FDA regulations, the products require testing to identify risks and possible side effects. Drug manufacturers who fail to follow proper protocol are liable for all patient injuries that occur. An Onglyza Heart Failure Lawyer helps patients who sustained injuries or died while taking this medication.

What is Onglyza?

Onglyza is a medication used to treat diabetes. It is designed to treat type two diabetes and regulates insulin production for these patients. According to the statistics regarding the medication, it isn’t a treatment for other types of diabetes.

What Issues Have Been Reported By Patients?

The most common side effects produced by the drug are sinus-related or similar to a cold. However, more complex side effects have been reported. They include sudden swelling in the joints, burning sensations, and swelling of extremities. While these conditions produce discomfort and pain, they aren’t the most severe reactions to the medication. According to emerging litigation, patients have suffered heart-related episodes due to the medication. While the manufacturer has claimed that their drug doesn’t cause cardiovascular disease, these reported occurrences prove otherwise.

Building A Personal Injury Case Against the Manufacturer

Victims or the family of victims should start their case by contacting an attorney. The attorney needs all medical records related to these conditions. They should describe the results caused by the medication. The victim should provide well-documented medical records that prove that the medication caused their heart-related conditions or the fatality of a family member.

To prove the manufacturer liable, the victim must show that these unknown risks weren’t disclosed to the patient. They must also connect the drug to their emerging medical condition. In these cases, a medical witness must show this connection through their knowledge of the associated medical conditions.

Patients who sustained injuries due to unsafe medications should come forward and file a claim. According to reports through the legal system, the drug Onglyza is unsafe and could lead to fatal heart conditions. Patients who have a claim should contact an Onglyza Heart Failure Lawyer or visit for more information.

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