Maximize Social Network Marketing for Your Business

by | Oct 29, 2012 | computers-internet

Social network marketing isn’t just for big businesses. Getting the word out on networks like Facebook and Twitter can have a significant impact on your customer base and profits. Let your customers do your advertising for you with these tips for using social media to promote your business.

“Like” for Discounts

A popular way of getting the word out about your business is offering your customers a special coupon or sale item once your Facebook page has been “liked” by so many users. This gets the name of your business out in front of every single friend on your customers’ pages. You can throw in a bonus for the 100th or 1000th customer to “like” your page as well, providing extra incentive for people who haven’t heard of your products before.

Share Funny or Inspirational Photos

People love sharing photos on Facebook, especially ones that make them laugh or make a great point. When fans of your business share these posts with their friends, you can wind up bringing a lot of people to your page. Using the right advertising when these posts pick up steam, you can create a wave of new fans or get new sales.

Professionals Can Help You Tap the Power of Social Marketing

Just like typical advertising firms help you reach your target market, experts in social network marketing can help you find customers and make more sales online. Let them craft a Twitter or Facebook campaign for your business. Take advantage of their experience in what attracts new visitors and creates more sales.

Before you hire a social network marketing firm, make sure they have experience with a business similar to yours. Ask about their plans for advertising to your target market or talk with them about successful campaigns they’ve crafted in the past. Ask for references before embarking on an expensive new project and make sure anything they plan is in line with the overall tone of your brand.

Even small businesses can take advantage of the benefits social network marketing provides. If you don’t have the expertise needed to craft a campaign on your own, don’t be afraid to invest in a successful online marketing team. Their experience in social marketing solutions can give a serious boost to your business.

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