Merits of Modern Concrete Crack Repair Solutions

According to the concrete durability study and pressure tests reports, the average load bearing capacity for one square inch of concrete ranges from 2700 to 4000 pounds. Even after undergoing concrete crack repair, the repaired concrete can bear loads up to 4700 pounds per square inches. Here are some benefits of using such modern solutions.

Advantages of Using Modern Concrete Crack Repair Solutions

With traditional concrete repair, the joint was usually not strong, making it a cosmetic solution. The loose ends from the older concrete block used to wither away, resulting in the concrete to come out as a small patch. The application became a routine job, which ultimately lead to the replacement of the entire slab. Advanced solutions, on the other hand, use polymers and other adhesives to weld into the joint. It creates a patch that integrates with the older concrete on a molecular level. Here are more of their advantages:

1. Quick Application: Advanced concrete crack repair systems are easier to apply, when compared to traditional repair solutions. They come in liquid form and can be mixed and poured over the cracked or broken spaces. The liquid takes the shape of the crack filling the hollow spaces. The top most surface can then be easily leveled using any tool.

2. Shorter drying time:  Compared to other cement or concrete mix, these ready solutions or half-made solutions have shorter idle time. This means that they dry much faster that concrete, making them available for use sooner. The average time of drying can be as less as half an hour, which is almost 10 to 12 times faster than the 6 hour idle time required with traditional concrete crack repair solutions.

3. Affordable Solution:  While a small pack of concrete crack repair solution may seem expensive superficially, they turn out to be cheaper alternatives. Consider the scenario where a repair solution is not performed or is not as effective. The crack would expand and eventually go beyond the scope of repair. The cost of new concrete slab along with labor cost would run into hundreds of dollars. This, compared to the small investment of the modern concrete crack repair products, is far more affordable.

4. Do-it-Yourself products: The simplicity of product application of the newer products ensures that it can be used by anyone and everyone. One also saves significant amount of money and time when using such advanced products. Most of these products come with directions and a do-it-yourself guide that explain the repair process in a step-by-step manner. One does not need any professional help in carrying out these simple repairs, thus making it a more affordable solution.

Gone are those days when concrete crack repairs were considered as cumbersome and problematic. With the use of advanced products, one can repair concrete structures easily and without any risks.

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