No Accident Is Minor

Car accidents occur on a daily basis and affect even the most careful drivers.  All accidents cause damage either to property or person.  Even the smallest accidents can affect the driver and passengers, whether they are hospitalized or not. If you have an auto accident in Molalla, you should make an appointment with a chiropractor or massage therapist.  
Many times even a fender bender can cause serious damage to a person.  If you think about it, you are in motion, moving forward or backward and you are stopped abruptly. Your body is still in motion, thanks to gravity.  However the vehicle in which you are moving is stopped. Your body will move, even if just for a second and then stop.  This can cause damage to your back, neck, abdomen, arms, and even legs.  Whether you feel the damage immediately or not, you should have a follow up appointment after your auto accident in Molalla. This will ensure that you do not suffer long-term damage when it could be fixed in the short term. You should not have to live with pain from the accident or any trauma in your life.  The problems can usually be alleviated or fixed completely through chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

If you catch the problems early, your body has a greater chance of healing thanks to reduced inflammation and better circulation.  Your body wants to heal itself but if it is inflamed or muscles are tightened in one area and the muscles cannot relax enough in order to heal.  If the tissue is not treated properly and in a timely manner it can cause permanent scarring.  This can be impossible to heal without surgery.  At that point, the body will need more time to heal and risk more damage through the surgery and medications necessary afterwards. 

It is important to realize that after you have an auto accident in Molalla, at the emergency room, the doctors will be looking for life-threatening injuries and may not be as concerned with your soft tissue type injuries.  They may recommend a neck brace, anti-inflammatory medicines, ice, and rest.  While these will help, they are not a long-term solution to a physical problem.  A chiropractor is trained to recognize the damage and be able to fix it.  They are a great alternative to surgery and medications.  They may not be able to fix every problem but it is wise choice to start with them rather than just opting for surgery.  All surgery runs high risks and should be chosen when other options have been exhausted.

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