When to Service Your Transmission in Rowlett TX

The key to maintaining any mechanical device is knowing when and how often to have it serviced – especially when you deal with your car’s transmission in Rowlett TX. Due to hot and dusty conditions in Texas, a cars transmission can undergo several severe driving conditions and as a result, making sure to service the transmission of your car on schedule can mean the difference between a long lasting transmission and a thousand dollar and above transmission replacement.

The transmission, whether automatic or manual, is one of the most simplistic hydraulic devices created, however, even due to this fact, knowing when to service your transmission in Rowlett TX still is very important to maintaining your vehicle and making sure it can get you from point A to point B easily – without any transmission problems.

Here are a few things that any responsible car owner should consider on when to have their transmission serviced to avoid costly repairs.

Have your Transmission Flushed Annually or Every 35,000 miles

One of the easiest things to remember about a transmission is that it is a hydraulic device, needing properly maintained oil to smoothly operate the flow of the mechanical process of shifting gears. Over time, oil will lose its thickness or lubricating factor. This is known as viscosity. The oil’s viscosity is highly important in a transmission since the purpose of the oil is not only to lubricate, cool and hydrate the critical components, but also allow pressure to be applied in order for them to work properly.

This is why a good rule of thumb is to make sure you have your transmission fluid flushed at least every 35,000 miles or once per year. Although every vehicle is different and each manufacture will offer their recommendations as to when to have your Trans oil flushed, this simple rule of thumb keeps the process simple. There are several instances when you’ll want to shorten this length of time for transmission oil replacement including:

Have your Transmission Oil flushed sooner if you live in dusty areas with poorly surfaced road conditions. This can cause more stress to the transmission and dusty conditions are bad for transmission seals and gaskets. These driving conditions can cause seals and gaskets to wear prematurely and thus cause internal leaking conditions on your transmission. When this occurs, it will reduce the quality amount of transmission fluids inside the transmission case cause the oil to operate at higher temps and wear sooner.

You’ll want to replace the oil in your transmission if you tow heavy equipment or haul heavy loads on a frequent basis. This causes more heat and stress on the inside components of the transmission and as such will wear the internal parts sooner.

When you are looking to keep your transmission in Rowlett TX in good shape, make sure you keep the oils flushed every year and stay on top of a good maintenance program to your car or truck running smooth all year long.

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