Philly Personal Injury Lawyer – What To Do After An Attack From Another Owner’s Dog

A Philly personal injury lawyer will not only be able to assist with injuries from bicycle and auto accidents but also, for incidents involving workers compensation, drink driving accidents and dog attacks. Dog attacks are on the increase and this scary fact makes it all the more worthwhile to locate a respectable

personal injury lawyer

who can help you, should you need assistance. When another person owns a canine and raises it in the incorrect manner, the dog may become aggressive and strike out. This can cause temporary or ongoing damages for the victim and as a result, may prevent that individual from working and performing daily duties. To experience a successful case with a Philly personal injury lawyer, you should prepare for what should happen immediately after an attack.

Philly Personal Injury Lawyer – Take Photos Of Injuries

As soon as the attack takes place, you should take some photos of the injuries you sustained. This will be the best time to take a photo because the wounds will be fresh and this displays the severity of the attack to the Philly personal injury lawyer. These images will then need to be shown to the lawyer during a consultation. If you have any bruising in the days following the attack, images of these should be taken too because this displays ongoing problems. Any medication or treatment you received as a result of the attack should also be noted down, with evidence of medical bills.

Philly Personal Injury Lawyer – Details Of Incident & Dog Owner

Before you leave the scene of the attack, you need to track down the dog owner. While in some instances this may be difficult, you need to try your best so that the Philly personal injury lawyer has a sufficient amount of evidence to prove that you deserve compensation. Note down the date, the time and the location of the incident. As well as this, you will need to gather some information relating to how long the owner has had the dog, how old the dog is, the address of the owner, any witness, etc. Witnesses will be beneficial for making your case stand strong in court.

Pilly Personal Injury Lawyer – Book Consultation

Once you feel satisfied that you have a sufficient amount of evidence, you can contact a Philly personal injury lawyer. The lawyer can arrange a consultation, whereby you will meet and discuss fees, court dates, potential compensation opportunities, etc. The more information you show the lawyer, the better the chance that you will win compensation. It is worth speaking with the lawyer about any time you have taken off work as a result of the injury too, because this will influence a case.

If a dog owner leaves their dog unattended and you get attacked, you can expect a Philly personal injury lawyer to get you the justice you deserve. To learn more and to discuss your options, visit Get latest updates on


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