Preparing Your Staff for the Office Moving Process

Moving office does not simply involve taking items from your business premises to another. You have to consider the fact that you will also be relocating your entire staff too. If you would like this process to be hassle free, you need to ensure that you have planned properly as well as gotten everyone who is involved, organized. Here are some ways that you can prepare your staff for the office moving process.

1.   Communicate with your staff. If you would like to ease the pressure and anxiety that comes with a big move, you need to ensure that all your employees are on the same page. Communicate to them the timeliness that you expect them to adhere to. You could do this via email memos as well as internal meetings, which give them the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions that they may have regarding the office moving process. In addition to this, you should provide your employees with a breakdown of what is going to be done as well as what is expected from each and every one of them. If there will be different systems of operations at the new premises such as a new phone system, ensure that the staff have been trained in advance so as to save time once you actually relocate. Another way that you could help your employees with the move would be providing them with information pertaining to the new location. This is especially true if you will be moving to a completely different area from your current location. Information such as eateries in the vicinity, bus stops and so on would make the move less of a hassle for them.

2.   Give your employees copies of the floor plan. In most cases, staff will engage in office moving and then have to take time to familiarize themselves with the new environment. If you would like them to settle in as soon as they can, you could send them a floor plan of the new premises, so that they have an idea of where they will be moving to. Have the floor plan marked with the numbers of the various offices as well as designated common use areas. Not only will this help with the familiarization process, but the employees can also help the movers when it comes to assigning different items to the various rooms at the new premises.

3.   Getting the packing gear ready. Some office moving companies may offer you the service of packing up the entire office then unpacking it for you when they reach the new destination. However, some people may want to pack up their own items so as to ensure that they are secure. Let your staff know where all the packing boxes will be as well as paraphernalia for marking and taping the boxes shut.

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