Understanding the Concept of Sleeve Gastrectomy

Basically, sleeve gastrectomy is a relatively new weight loss procedure. During this surgery, the surgeon removes approximately 75-90% of your stomach maintaining the remainder of your digestive tract. Although the size of the stomach is reduced, the normal flow of the food from the esophagus through the stomach and the rest of the intestinal tract is not altered.

All digestive operations including absorption of nutrients will be conducted normally even after the operation. Studies have revealed that this gastrectomy also guards against other possible complications such as ulcers and intestine obstructions.

So the big question is who can undergo sleeve gastrectomy? This surgery is mainly recommended to patients who need to loose weight. After undergoing the surgery, you can be able to consume much smaller amounts of food and still feel satisfied. On undergoing the surgery, it is advisable to consume small frequent meals instead of consuming much food at once.

Despite the stomach being much smaller, the stomach sleeve functions normally hence all nutrients are properly broken down and absorbed into the body. There are numerous benefits of undergoing this surgery as a weight loss procedure. Some of the benefits include;

* The surgery does not affect the normal functioning of the digestive tract even after the size of the stomach is reduced. This means that the patient is not subjected to risks and other digestive complications on undergoing the operation.

* The operation does not require an implantable device or intestinal rerouting. Even after undergoing the operation, you do not require an artificial implant to enhance the performance of your digestive tract. The body functions normally on its own.

* It is an effective weight loss method. Many people suffering from obesity and other weight complications are noted to lose weight after undergoing sleeve gastrectomy. On top of weight loss, the operation also helps in guarding against ulcers and intestinal obstructions.

When a part of the stomach is reduced, levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin are reduced by 50-65%. Actually, the part of the stomach that is removed during the operation is the one that makes the hunger hormone. Due to a reduction in the level of hunger hormone, patients feel less hungry and thus consume smaller amounts of food. They are less likely to feel hungry in between meals. This helps in enhancing the weight loss process.

Actually, sleeve gastrectomy seems to change the way in which fatty acids are handled by the digestive tract. After undergoing the surgery, many patients report loss of appetite for foods rich in sugars and fats such as chocolate, fried food and soft drinks. On consuming such foods, they end up feeling bloated and unsettled. This way, people are able to adopt healthier eating habits which not only contribute to weight loss but also improve the general health of the body.

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