Professional Cambridge Duct Cleaning Services

When you hire a professional duct cleaning service, you need to understand what the process entails. There are several ways in which your ducts can be cleaned, so it is important to know how the professional company operates before you hire them. One of the most popular cleaning methods is to use a negative air flow device that will attract grime and other debris into high powered suction pads. This will trap the mold, until it can be transported to a secure location.

Air Agitation Processes

Some companies use negative airflow agitation alone, without any further remedies. This is a really bad idea, because this process doesn’t fully remove all dust and mold particles from the vent. It is best to choose a company that agitates the air after completing the suction process. In most cases a brush like device is used to sweep the excess dust. This is followed by an air whipping process. Air whipping is another word for air agitation.  During this process, air is stirred inside of the vent. This process gets rid of excess spores, and it lifts microscopic organisms from the ventilation duct.  A good duct cleaning company will use HEPA filtered units, as they are certified and tested to ensure maximum efficiency throughout.

Antibacterial Applications and Processes

After the ducts are thoroughly cleaned, they are then sanitized. This step is vital, because if the ducts are not sanitized properly, then the mold and grime will reappear faster. If this happens, air flow will carry the spores to other ducts that are in close proximity, and the problem will worsen. If you want maximum results from your professional duct cleaning company, then you should ensure that they use an EPA certified disinfectant, as it is chemically manufactured to be especially effective against the micro-organisms that are often present in ventilation ducts. 

Reporting and Air Quality Checks

After the removal process is complete, the area will then be cleansed with an antibacterial solution. You will then be provided with a report that details the exact processes that were carried out.  A good duct cleaning Cambridge establishment will ensure that there are no other impending dangers, such as carbon monoxide or air pollution from other sources.

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