All You Need To Know About Bible Prophecies

Up to 30% of the entire bible is based upon prophecy. Every single prophecy has been fulfilled with 100% accuracy, and only a few remain to be seen. One prophecy from the bible was written decades before it happened. This was when Jeremiah stated that Israel would be overtaken for 70 years by the Babylonians. This came true. Another example of a true prophecy would be when Ezekiel foretold the exact year in which Israel would become an established nation, 2,500 years before it happened.

False Prophets Who Provide Prophecy Readings

There are many false prophets on this earth, who claim to have the gift of God when it comes to foretelling events. A true prophet would not get exploit his gift to seek financial gain. This would not be in Gods wishes, and God would never bestow a gift so great upon a false prophet with a financial motivation. Unfortunately, many believers have been captivated by false prophets, with promises of future foretelling and advice. A true prophet will not ask questions when it comes to your prophecy, nor will they ask for any contribution toward their services. Your prophecy will be based upon your life as a whole, not a specific question.

How to Get a Prophecy Reading

Many prophets deliver their prophecy reading online. This can be done with ease, as often it is only a simple registration process. Many true prophets choose to operate online, so they can spread the word of God and his prophecy to people across the world. Before you seek your prophecy, you should make sure that you have opened yourself to the light of God. Your prophecy will not be as effective if you do not embrace God and everything he stands for. His guidance is holy, spiritual and sanctified, so you need to believe in his power before you can be rewarded. As Jeremiah did with Israel, and Ezekiel did with the Babylonians, you too can receive this divine intervention over your own life with the power of your very own free prophecy. Many people feel as though they have wronged too much to be forgiven by God. This is not the case, and anyone who has sought forgiveness can benefit from a personal prophecy reading.

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