Protecting Lake Tahoe from Invasive Aquatic Species

Boat rentals in Lake Tahoe are on the rise. An aggressive boat inspection program in Lake Tahoe is leading to boating enthusiasts opting to rent boats instead of bring their own for recreation. The crystal clear “Jewel of the Sierra” is a favorite with kayakers, motor boaters, and other water enthusiasts, and thousands of them flock to Tahoe every year seeking a thrill or relaxation. However, with travel comes the risk of bringing invasive species with you that will potentially contaminate the waters of Lake Tahoe. Therefore, local boat rentals in Lake Tahoe are seen as a viable solution to prevent this from occurring.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is Tahoe’s primary environmental agency. In 2008, the aggressive, invasive, and environmentally destructive zebra mussel was introduced into Lake Mead in Southern Nevada and Northern Arizona. It reproduced at an alarming rate, threatening the native species of water-dwelling organisms in the lake.  These mussels are also increasingly problematic in the Great Lakes in the northeastern United States, attacking the local ecosystems in those areas. These mussels are brought in on the hulls of boats and other vessels and spread through lakes and waterways like wildfire.

Understandably, local environmental agencies wish to protect Lake Tahoe from a similar infestation. Officials in Lake Tahoe have implemented a rigorous boat inspection program to hopefully prevent this from happening. This will protect the fragile ecosystem of the lake from pollution and environmental devastation; however, this does pose an inconvenience to non-local boaters who are required to undergo the rigorous inspection to eliminate the risk of introducing the invasive mussels into the lake.  

In addition to zebra mussels, which attach themselves to intake and outtake pipes, costing millions of dollars in damage annually to areas with infested lakes, officials in Lake Tahoe are also on the lookout for other invasive species. New Zealand mud snails and even some plant species are non-native invasive species that environmental agencies watch for. If these invasive species are not kept under control by thorough boat inspections, they could pose a hazard to Lake Tahoe in the future.  

Understandably, with increased restrictions and aggressive programs comes a need for increased fees, as well. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has instated a fee for boaters on Lake Tahoe based on the size of the boat and the horsepower of the engine. Additionally, the fee takes into account whether the boat is local and used exclusively on Lake Tahoe (such as boat rentals in Lake Tahoe are) or if it is from out-of-state or used in a different body of water.

Boat Rentals Lake Tahoe With boat rentals in Lake Tahoe, one can enjoy all the wonders of Lake Tahoe without the frustration and expense of hauling your own boat and worrying with boat inspection. For boat rentals in Lake Tahoe, contact Action Water Sports at Incline Village.

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