Protection Officers And Their Benefits

Using a 24 hour security service in Honolulu HI is extremely beneficial for protecting people, assets and property.  Professional security officers provide a number of services for their clients, including personal protection and the monitoring the safekeeping of a person’s property and assets.  Security officers should not be confused with law enforcement officers, but it is important to note that guards can make citizen’s arrests, be armed with and use weapons, including tasers, firearms, pepper spray, and batons, and they can restrain individuals.   They also often function as first responders to emergency situations until emergency personnel arrive on the scene.  

A 24 hour security service in Honolulu HI can even help homeowners save money on insurance coverage.  Insurance companies often offer their policyholders substantial discounts on their policy for a 24 hour presence (think fire insurance, etc.).  For a highly valued property, the discount that is offered by the insurance carrier can be considerable enough that it ultimately amounts to more than what hiring security personnel would cost.  At the end of the day, this saves insurance carriers money because the on-site security can report problems to local authorities before a total loss of the property occurs.  Security guards also, just by their mere presence, become visual deterrents to potential thieves and vandals who seek to cause trouble on the property.

In gated communities, it’s common for a 24 hour security service in Honolulu HI to monitor the entrances and exits of private neighborhoods or communities.  It is their job to monitor the IDs of incoming individuals to verify that they are authorized to be there.  It’s common, as well, for these guards to assist those involved in minor emergencies or accidents.  They are usually responsible for helping individuals who have locked their keys in their vehicles or if their cars won’t start, as well as other minor situations.  They are also responsible for keeping a vigilant eye out for any suspicious activity.  They are, in essence, a paid neighborhood watch who has the authority to handle a questionable situation that threatens the safety or property of the homeowners therein.

Security officers’ primary function is to observe and discourage illegal and inappropriate actions.  As a result, they must be highly trained to observe and be watchful of potentially dangerous or questionable situations that could occur before they happen.  Protection officers strive to prevent risky situations from happening as much as they can, but often they are thrown into events where they must deal with the treatment of an issue in progress or having already transpired.


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