Take advantage of a peaceful Herefordshire bed and breakfast vacation

Herefordshire is one of the most unique and beautiful regions in the West Midlands. Sparsely populated, it offers serenity, calm and relaxation as a reprieve from the busy city life in central parts of London. If you are looking for a different sort of vacation that brings you back to nature and the simplicity of life, you may enjoy vacationing at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast.

Beauty & Serenity in the West Midlands

A vacation in Herefordshire brings you beauty and serenity in the West Midlands. You will enjoy being surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, expansive gardens, and river vistas that are both enchanting and captivating. A countryside speckled with wildflowers, old world charm and rich cultural heritage all make staying at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast, a vacation to remember.

Nearby activities and attractions

Although the natural beauty of the area is plentiful, there are also many exciting attractions and entertaining activities are very accessible. You can choose from delectable eats at nearby restaurants, family activities and sightseeing in the nearby city of Hereford. Hereford has a population of about 56,000 inhabitants and is a cathedral city that is the largest settlement nearby. Other attractions and things to do when staying at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast include:

* Malvern Hills
* Croft Castle
* Wigmore Castle
* Hellens Manor
* Hampton Court
* Eye Manor
* Eastnor Castle
* Berrington Hall
* Courtyard Centre for the Arts

These are just a sampling of the many things there are to see and do when on vacation in Herefordshire. You can plan your itinerary according to your desired activity level. There are exercise activities, sightseeing, restaurants and more laid back strolling and walking. Some of the other activities to do when staying at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast include shopping, visiting museums and churches, walking, biking, and hiking on tours and trails, exploring country parks and gardens, visiting farms, and attending theater performances. If you enjoy being on the water, there are numerous water cruises and yacht excursions to select from. There is even a Tipi canoe adventure nearby for a unique and memorable vacation activity.

Pleasant Accommodations in Herefordshire

With so much to see and do in the area, staying at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast is truly a remarkable experience. The perfect combination of serenity and nearby activities allows you to customize your Herefordshire vacation any way you prefer. When choosing accommodations, there are many nearby bed and breakfasts to choose from. However you may want to consider the unique appeal of staying at a Herefordshire bed and breakfast located on a farm. This would make for a truly memorable stay and a vacation that will be one to treasure forever.


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