Rear-End Accidents, ‘Whiplash’ and an Accident Lawyer in Tulsa

by | May 20, 2013 | legal

One of the most frequent types of accidents in Tulsa is rear end impact accidents. Accidents of particular types have common resulting injuries associated with the ways the vehicles collide together.  Whether it is a side-swipe incident, or a head on collisions there will be some injuries that are caused by those accidents, as there is with rear end impact accidents. A great number of these cause the driver or passengers in the car that was collided with to suffer whiplash. While some whiplash victims may discount the severity of the injury and assume they shouldn’t bother contacting an accident lawyer in Tulsa, but this would be a mistake.  Whiplash is actually an injury to the soft tissue in your neck.

Whiplash soft tissue injuries are generally going to show a stretching or tearing of the affected ligaments, muscles, or the bordering muscles, tendons, or ligaments being affected.  All of these area injuries are soft tissue injuries which once damaged they will be permanently weakened and prone to repeat injury in the future. These rear end impact accidents cause torsion and flexion in the affected areas due to the high speed and sudden impact.  As the injury may not at first seem so damaging one should protect them selves and call an accident lawyer in Tulsa.

In 99.9% of rear end impact accidents in Oklahoma, the driver in the rear that struck the driver from the back is at fault as it their responsibility to keep a safe distance behind the car in front of them. When an accident involves the rear end impact one can hardly argue who is at fault and legally liable.  It’s their insurance company that your accident lawyer in Tulsa will attempt to collect the maximum from.

Its standard issue for the insurance companies to deny that any injury really occurred and that is how they attempt to save on claim payout costs. The less claim adjusters approve the better their job performance is rated during their review period.  Insurance companies answer to shareholders and the point of issuing stock is to make  money for them paying out less to accident victims, regardless of their being entitled is not in the insurance companies best interest.  This is the precise reason you need a seasoned and professional accident lawyer in Tulsa.

At our experienced accident lawyers are very familiar with handling rear-end accident cases. In spite of the exact nature or severity of the resulting injury, we are here to help. Contact us online or by telephone in Tulsa at 918-477-7000 to speak with an extremely practiced rear-end accident lawyer.

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