Reasons To Use Custom Cable Manufacturers

The choice of cables and cable assemblies is often not a center of focus in many types of design and development phases for a new device or system. However, having a uniform, easy to install and protective type of cable assembly or cable and harness combination can be an important factor for any OEM.

Choosing to work with custom cable manufacturers can be a simple way to build in durability, quality control and an effective way to complete the quick installation of cable assemblies.


Many standard types of cables and assemblies are designed for general types of applications. These off the shelf products are not designed for specific types of applications where additional shielding, vibration, extreme temperatures or even potential exposure to moisture or humidity are a concern.

By working with custom cable manufacturers, specific options in the design and materials selected in all aspects of the cable and cable assembly can be selected to address these specific concerns.
Quality Control

When an OEM chooses a custom cable assembly, they are assured of cables that arrive ready to install. The fabrication of the machine, system or equipment is easier, with the technician simply installing the full assembly rather than individual cables and wires.
This decreases the risk of human error, incorrect connections with ends and even incorrect position of the cable and wire within the system. With quality control during production at the manufacturer, each custom cable assembly is made to exacting specifications for precision installation.

Complex Problems

In many types of applications, the use of custom cable manufacturers is instrumental in working with challenging requirements. The expertise and experience of the manufacturer can often significantly reduce the cost of the design and development of the correct cabling for these types of advanced systems, particularly in prototyping and moving from a prototype into full production.

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