What Is in Traditional Fruit Cake?


One of the misconceptions about fruit cake is that it is a processed type of cake made with the same basic ingredients and shipped in a box to your home. It is basic and boring, and it is just like every other version you received over the years. Traditional fruit cake is truly anything but this. Made well, it offers fresh ingredients, intense flavor combinations, and outstanding varieties of fruits and nuts to help you celebrate. The rich and robust flavors are also quite varied.

The Basic Ingredients

You are sure to find many variations of traditional fruit cake. Some of them are packed full of ingredients, and others are very simple. Most of the time, they include some fruits, usually options such as cherries or currants. Some include cranberries. More modern varieties include mango or pineapple. Most also include nuts. This can range widely in terms of what type of nuts are in them. And, in traditional varieties, you also find rum. Rum was used as a way to preserve the cakes in early American times.

What Makes Them Special?

Today, you can find a wide variety of options beyond this basic product. You can find those fruit cakes with various types of fruits and nuts. Some also include things like apple and cinnamon. Others include chocolate in them. In some situations, you can find varieties with less sugar and those that are kosher, too.

The traditional fruit cake is a dense cake, one with a lot of flavor in it. Yet, today, you are sure to find numerous options for making these cakes a bit more unique and special. Depending on how you plan to use them, these options could be exactly what you need for your next dinner party, family event, or even for the holidays.

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