Reasons Why You Should Hire An Attorney When Planning Your Estate


If you are looking to plan your estate, it may be in your best interest to use an estate attorney in NYC. When it comes to estate planning it can become an overwhelming and complicated process depending on what type and how many assets you own. Things such as missing signatures and wrong or improper documents can change the entire intent of your trust or will. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should hire an estate attorney in NYC.

One reason why you should hire an estate attorney in NYC when planning your estate is he or she will know the state laws in which you live. Your attorney will know things such as who is allowed to serve as your representative and who cannot when it comes to your executor, trustee, attorney-in-fact and other types of representatives you may need. For instance, in some states, it is mandatory that the person you appoint to represent you needs to be of blood relation or related by marriage. If this is not possible, the state may require the individual to at least be a resident in the same state. If you do not know the laws in your area, you may end up costing your family and loved ones thousands of dollars to get the estate approved and fixed by an attorney in NYC.

Often, people turn to websites and other means to put their estate in order. However, when you are not using a lawyer it may end up costing more money because of mistakes, missing documents or it may not be legally valid in your state. To help avoid this you may want to consider using an estate attorney in NYC.

There are some situations where it may be crucial you seek the advice of an estate attorney. For example, if you have minor children. Children who are underage will have special needs such as guardianship. Also, if you are in a second marriage, seeking an attorney to finalize your estate would be ideal especially if children are involved. This can help diminish arguments that may arise between siblings from either side of the family.

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