Reasons You Might Need a Retaliation Attorney

Do you feel that you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly at your place of employment? Do you feel like racial profiling may be going on at your job? Have you been threatened or feel like you are threatened because of your religious beliefs? If the answers to these questions are yes, you may have a harassment case against your company. McMoran, O’Connor & Bramley, P.C. is a team of lawyers in New Jersey experienced in discrimination law, whistleblowing, hostile work environment and non-compete agreements. They will provide you with a retaliation attorney who will look into your case. They want to tell you about your rights in the state of New Jersey.

In New Jersey, employees work on a basis called "at will", which means at any given time, the employee or the employer can terminate the employment without reason or cause. However, exceptions to this status are that state laws and federal laws make it against the law to discriminate or retaliate against employees for any reason. In fact, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination bans employers from terminating an employee or placing said employee in a hostile or potentially hostile work environment. Another law in New Jersey called CEPA bans employers from retaliating against employees who believe or have reason to believe they would be engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities, or who object or refuse to participate in anything they deem harmful to them or the public.

If you believe you have been falsely terminated or are being singled out, contact a lawyer right away who is experienced in harassment law. If you feel certain that your work environment is hostile due to your race, religion or gender, contact a discrimination lawyer. If you have been propositioned at work or offered positions for sexual favors, get in touch with a lawyer experienced with sexual harassment cases. Contact McMoran, O’Connor & Bramley, the law firm experienced in all these areas and more. They are located in Wall Township, NJ, Iselin, NJ and New York, NY. If you feel threatened in any way at your job and need a retaliation attorney, contact McMoran, O’Connor & Bramley at one of their locations.

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