Remodeling Your Cabinets in Palm Desert, CA

If your kitchen is less than perfect and you want to make a change fast, there is no reason to get a full remodel. Something as simple as getting new cabinets in Palm Desert, CA, can change your whole look quickly for a good price.

Brand New Kitchen

Even if the rest of your home is absolutely beautiful, a lack luster kitchen can bring down the value of the entire house. However, if you like the layout of your kitchen, there is no reason to do a complete remodel. A good set of new cabinets in Palm Desert, CA, can turn an entire kitchen around. There are all kinds of designs, construction and functionality options to help you get exactly what you want out of your kitchen without getting too little or too much.  

Cabinet Refacing

A great way to get a fresh new look for your kitchen without spending too much is to have your cabinets refaced. Refacing your cabinets means instead of tearing out everything and having a huge, ongoing construction project in your home, you keep the existing cabinets, the bare bones so to speak, and improve upon it. There are many simple and inexpensive small changes that can be done to dramatically change the look of a kitchen.  

Countertop Refacing

If your cabinets and countertops do not match, you do not have to tear apart the entire kitchen to fix it. If you like, or even love, your cabinets, change the countertops instead. If you dream of marble countertops, that is certainly the way to go if you can afford it. But there are dozens of additional options available to you that are a lot less construction intensive and more affordable. Refacing your counte tops can make your cabinets pop or blend with them to create a more harmonious look.


The Golden Triangle has long been the go-to pricing guide in any contracting job. It works on a simple principle, where the three sides of the triangle are time, quality and affordability. Only two are possible at the same time. In other words, if you want a top-notch job done in a timely manner, it is not going to be cheap. If you want a good job done affordably, it will take much longer. If you want it cheap and fast, it will not be high quality. Know what your priorities are first, then figure out where you stand on The Golden Triangle so you can get your new cabinets in Palm Desert, CA.

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