Role of an Injury Lawyer Tucson in a Products Liability Case

A products liability case refers to cases where companies have released potentially physically or psychologically harmful products knowingly into the consumer market. An injury lawyer usually represents individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of another individual or their recklessness. Product liability is just one of the areas covered by an injury lawyer, along with automobile injury, medical malpractice and animal attacks among other cases of personal injury.

This can be illustrated properly by an example of a heart implant device. It could be any type of device that can be used to help patients with defective cardiac systems, for instance, a pacemaker. A company that creates pacemakers has to ensure that they produce pacemakers which are safe for the patient’s health. If a company produces many pacemakers during any one production period, they have to ensure that they distribute the pacemakers to redeem the production costs that have been spent on them.
However, the pacemakers may be faulty and result in complications such as fatal heart attacks after a given period of time. The company may come to realization or notice that the fatal heart attacks are repetitive among consumers all over the country. Since recalling the products may taint the company image and also cost the company a lot of money, they ignore the deaths and continue distributing the pacemakers as a quality product in the consumer market. This is a classic example of product liability.
1. In cases of product liability, the personal injury lawyer of Tucson will have to examine the client’s case during an initial consultation and see if there is sufficient reason to pursue the case and file a legal claim. A client who comes forward with such a legal claim will have to provide medical records that show the pacemaker played a significant role in the heart attack of a loved one. If the personal injury lawyer decides that the case should be pushed forward, then filing the legal claim would be the next step.

2. When it comes to product liability cases, the suffering of a single individual cannot be sufficient evidence of a defective product. This is because there are some individual variations such as deteriorating health or other causative factors of death. Therefore the injury lawyer will have to collect enough information to show that the product liability case has a trend among various consumers. The lawyer will need to prove that quite a number of individuals have also suffered fatal heart attacks due to the product.

3. Finally, the injury lawyer of Tucson will also need to show that the company knowingly distributed a defective product to unknowing customers. Such product liability cases are one of the ways through which the legal system can protect consumer rights and the well-being of commercial product consumers.

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