Roof Repairs in Albany OR: Reflective Roofing and its Advantages

After approximately 18-20 years, some roofing materials like shingles will need to be replaced. You might be confused on the next kind of roof that you will replace it with especially if you desire a different design. Before you settle on the one you want, first do a personal research on the benefits of using such. Contractors for Roof Repairs in Albany OR are professional roofers who deal with installation and repair services. They have shared with you how you can achieve a reflective roof and its benefits.

How to attain a reflective roof

Once the roof has been installed, you can choose to apply a reflective coating on it. Coatings, like albedo coatings, are used to achieve this. The main reason of applying such coatings would be to protect the roof from the harsh rays of the sun.

White Paint can also be used to achieve a reflective roof. It has the advantage of being a good reflector of light and therefore also protects the roof from being damaged by sun rays. Polyurethane, acrylic and elastomeric paints are also commonly used as reflective roof coatings. Some roofing materials are generally made to be reflective. They don’t have to be coated to reflect light as they can achieve this on their own. An example of this kind of roofing is metal roofs.

Benefits of using reflective roofing

Since a reflective roof doesn’t absorb sunlight, it reduces the amount of heat in your house. During the hot season, a reflective roof would be more suitable because you will save more on energy bills as little cooling will be needed.

Going onto your roof, especially during the hot climate, can prove to be very uncomfortable because of the high temperatures up there. However, when your roof is the reflective type, you can access your roof with no worries of discomfort due to high temperatures. Better yet, you can make it be a relaxing area during the hot weather. To achieve this, you might need to make it flat to enjoy your neighborhood’s view on top of your roof.

Reflective roofs don’t get damaged by the sun rays and can therefore last longer than those which are not. Click to find out more on Roof Repairs in Albany OR.

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