DUI And Minors Under Ohio Law

When it comes to the behavior of minors, a DUI attorney understands and has seen it all. He or she is aware of the issues surrounding the committing of such a crime. A DUI attorney full understands why a minor needs to avoid the establishment of a record.

DUI in Ohio

In Ohio, DUI stands for driving under the influence. It is often called OVI. This is short for operating a vehicle intoxicated and appears in the Ohio Revised Code. Both terms apply to the operation of a motor vehicle, car, truck, snowmobile or other motorized device while either drunk or stoned. In other words, if a minor is arrested for a DUI or an OVI, he or she is has been charged with being legally drunk or drugged while driving.
According to the law, the minor must be described as being in any of the following situations:

  • In charge or control of the vehicle
  • Actually driving the vehicle
  • Possessing a blood alcohol limit that reads over the limit. In Ohio, the blood alcohol content (BAC) must be greater than 0.02% for anyone under age 21. This applies to minors who are individuals under age 18

Juvenile Charges

An individual under 18 facing a DUI or OVI charge is not tried in adult court. He or she is considered a minor and, therefore must appear in juvenile court. While the fines and penalties are less steep than those applied in the case of an adult, they can have major effects. The offense has recently been renamed “operating a vehicle after underage consumption (OVUAC).” License suspension will result if the juvenile fails to pass the chemical test. It will also be imposed if the juvenile refuses to submit to the test.

Negative Affects

While the administrative removal of the license and other penalties are not harsh, the overall charge of an OVUAC or OVI can have a greater impact on the future of the juvenile. The results of having this offense can create issues at a later date. These include:

  • College problems – both entry and funding or financial support
  • Employment – potential threat to a career down the road
  • Place to live – it can appear as part of a background check made by landlords. This could result in the refusal to rent an apartment

Furthermore, if the parents are perceived to or have actually allowed alcohol consumption in the home, they can also be charged. This will appear as a misdemeanor.

To reduce or remove the present and future impact of a DUI in Ohio requires specialized knowledge of the system and the charges. Arranging for a DUI attorney in Cincinnati will help you and your child or ward battle with confidence against the potential future problems such a charge can bring.

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