Safe Diagnosis with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is nothing like it was in days of old. Today, when you visit your Maitland Radiology Clinic, you will be diagnosed with modern MRI equipment that does not enclose you inside of a tunnel like older models. Open MRI equipment is designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. This is a huge relief for patients who may suffer with Claustrophobia, or the fear of being enclosed in small spaces.

You can also rest assured that any MRI procedure you have performed at your Maitland Radiology Clinic is safe. MRIs are safe and easy for technicians to perform. The radio waves used do not contain radiation and come without the associated risks of procedures such as x-rays. In fact, there are no known health risks that are associated with magnetic resonance imaging.

Doctors have an important diagnostic tool with the MRI. This test can assist them in finding health conditions, injuries, and other medical problems that would otherwise go undetected. The MRI can be more effective at finding problems than ultrasound of even a CAT scan. If you have an undiagnosed condition, an MRI may be your best chance at a proper diagnosis.

If you know in advance what to expect with an MRI, you can relax a little about having the procedure. On the day of your testing, you will be asked to lie flat on a table. This table contains a magnet in the shape of a doughnut. If you are having an open MRI, you will not be enclosed, so this should relieve any fears you have about claustrophobia. During the test, you will be asked to remain completely still. If you are not completely still, the test results will not be accurate and the procedure may have to be repeated.

Depending on how many areas of the body are being tested, the procedure may last 30 minutes or perhaps an hour. As your test concludes, the technician will deliver the results to your doctor.  The doctor lets you know about the interpretation of the testing and can follow-up with any treatment that you may need for your medical condition.

With an MRI at a Maitland Radiology Clinic, there is nothing to be afraid of. The technician will make sure you are as comfortable as possible and answer any questions you may have. If you still have concerns, you may want to ask about the possibility of being sedated during the procedure. The radiologist will follow your wishes and do what it takes to make sure you are comfortable with having the MRI procedure.

An Open MRI is a safe and easy diagnostic procedure for a variety of conditions and illnesses. Open MRI or Orlando has the most modern MRI diagnostic equipment available with the comfort of the patient a top priority. For more information about the benefits of open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) at your Maitland Radiology Clinic, visit the website at or call 407-749-8848 to schedule your appointment.

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