Synthetic Court Construction Offers Tennis a Whole New Game

Synthetic court construction is quickly becoming a popular way to make tennis courts. This artificial grass court takes tennis back to its roots. When tennis first began, it was played on grass, but this became too hard on tennis court owners because of the high maintenance it requires with its constant need for mowing and watering. This is why the popularity of synthetic courts has increased. With the look of grass and a fraction of the maintenance, tennis players can enjoy their game and owners of the tennis clubs do not have to worry about the heavy maintenance.

Besides the lack of maintenance, synthetic court construction also gives tennis courts a longer life. There is no worry about ruining the grass by digging holes in it with your shoes or racket. A synthetic court is virtually indestructible, giving it a much longer life than a regular grass court would have. Synthetic courts give tennis players the feel of playing in grass with its green appearance but also the feel of a clay court, giving tennis players the best of both worlds. Tennis players enjoy the safety, as well as the comfort, of synthetic courts, giving them a great tennis playing experience. Synthetic courts can also be played on year round, offering tennis players much more playing ability.

Synthetic court construction offers tennis clubs the greater ability to offer tennis year round without having large amounts of maintenance required. Natural grass cannot be played on year round in most areas, which makes it difficult for tennis clubs to stay open all year. This allows tennis clubs to save time and money and gives them the ability to offer tennis players more playing time rather than having to take time out after each round for court maintenance. Because a synthetic court is wear resistant it will last for many more years than any other type of court, offering tennis clubs even more savings and affordability.

Tennis players love the synthetic court construction many tennis clubs are opting for as well. Its comfort is the number one factor for tennis players. There are no bumps, tears or holes tennis players have to worry about hurting themselves on, making it a safe surface to play on. As an added benefit, artificial grass does not get dirty so there is no worry about getting tennis shoes dirty and unable to use for your next tennis match.

synthetic court construction

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